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Angel home Foundation has been organizing on children health and nutrition program  from February, 2011. The aim of this institution is to find out the malnutrition affected children and to ensure sound health by giving proper treatment and nutritive food and to establish them as ideal future generation of the society. At the same time the guardian less orphan children should to be rehabilitated in the society to establish like ideal citizen.


At present how the children nutrition program implemented


The children who living in the slum, orphans, and the children living under poverty time are all included in the children nutrition project.


At the first phase, malnutrition affected  children are selected according the height and weight chart by the trained nutrition workers, at the particular places of slum area.


For the second stage, the selected malnutrition affected children are examined by the child specialist of this organization and the children’s health problem are detected by the pathological exam as needed. In the pathological lab of this organization, all exams of these children are examined at cost free. Every child get a health card from Organization and all heath records written in the card.


For the third stage, to the advice of the doctor, all medicine are freely distributed among the children and the nutritive workers observe the changing health condition of the child by giving medicine and write the records in  the health card. The health service and the observation of the nutrition workers of this organization continue up to five years of these children.


For the fourth stage, Severely malnutrition affected children selected by the doctors. The selected children’s nutrition card are issued individually.


According to the nutrition cards, the children are given nutritive food on daily basis. The severe malnutrition affected children get Milk, egg, banana, nutritive hotchpotch, semolina and special supplementary corns food and packed food.


Those who are affected with severe malnutrition are admitted into the nutrition centre of this organization. Organization given proper treatment and high nutritive food patronized by the specialists all the time being. This system continues until the ailed child becomes fully cured.


The nutrition program of this organization are organized by the nutritive workers in our own office and the sub-centre of the slums.  The program goes on the selected children till they reach at sound health.


For the fifth step, to ensure sound health, a nail cutter, antiseptic soap and wearing cloths counted to every month are given.


Follow up

The health of these children are examined at least one time in a month and the record written in the health card.


To the nutrition project, the weight and the height of the children are viewed at every week and they are written down in the nutrition card.

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