Our mission

The main view of Angel home Foundation is to protect the children of Bangladesh from malnutrition to eradicate the children from the curse of malnutrition.

Our Mission is given bellow-

  1. Establishing child hospital.
  2. Establishing nutrition centre in the malnutrition affected areas.
  3. Establishing child rehabilitation centre.
  4. Establishing child education centre.
  5. Establishing vocational educational institution.

6.Providing loan of interest free to bring the solvency of the child’s guardians.


Child Hospital

There is no proper and complete child hospital in the northern side of Bangladesh. But here the northern side, the malnutrition affected children’s rate is the most. So the door way Bogra in the northern side, a complete child hospital to be established is in decision of this organization. In this planned, child hospital developed medical management including indoor, outdoor and operation theatre etc. will be performed side by side. The benefits of this child’s mother along with all out door benefit will be given in this hospital. All the treatment will be continued free at cost.


Child nutrition centre

With a view to serving the malnutrition affected children, there is a plan to establish nutrition centers in the affected areas. In these nutrition centers there will be child specialist, nutrition specialist and trained worker and according the needs at least 20 beds will be available at every nutrition centre.


Child rehabilitation centre

Orphans, unwanted and floating children are included in this project. Angel Home Foundation has taken a decision to rehabilitate these shelter less children to this rehabilitation centre. To lead a standard live in the rehabilitation  centre services including detects of right education will be provided available. More than five years aged children may be included in this project.


Treatment and education program for the autistic children

Acupressure treatment is a perfect treatment system for the autistic children. In the nursing center for the autistic children,  there is a plan to establish a school for the artistic children.


Establishing a vocational training center

The organization has a plan to establish the unwanted children socially by building vocational training center. The education will be given by this organization free at cost. the organization will create an positive and creative environment for the vocational trainee.


Loan program for the children’s guardians:


To make the children’s family solvent, we are going to start loan project, In this project, according to the needs, interest free loan will be given to the children’s guardians.

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