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Donate Us


All our endeavors, Our implementing activities, and all waiting projects for the future are dependent on Your donation. please donate your money, charity money or other donation money to our organization. Your little alms may give a new life of a child.


Our mother land, Bangladesh is advancing by the aid of you. We have taken all enterprise to look after the deprived and malnutrition affected children’s and to give the proper education. send your alms and donation for the children

Any one from home and abroad may send money to the account no below or communicate to send money-

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Angel Home Rehabilitation Centre
Account Number : 125 110  19455Dutch Bangla Bank Limited, Bogra, BangladeshSwift Code: DBBL BDBH
 Mailing Address- 

Angel Home Foundation

Karmaikel Road, Khandar, Bogra-5800


Phone : +8805162588, Fax : +88 051 62588.

E-mail :



A budget is shown on 4000 severely malnutrition affected children on nutrition and food under our responsibility at present.

There are Four Thousand malnourished children under our treatment and  supervision.

To maintain them such as medicine, food, cloths and others per year we need half Million US Dollar.  All expenditure depends on your alms and donation.

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