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Angel home Foundation, the govt. authorized is a non.govt. Welfare organization. This organization was been running program on free medical treatment to children who are  affected with malnutrition. We are giving free medicine, free nutritive food, necessary medical check up to the malnourished children last four years.  Beside this raising awareness program also going on. Angel home Foundation has given 21,720 children  free medical treatment and distributed medicine prescribed by the doctors for the last four years. Along with, for the last four years, 13,347 mothers have been given medical treatment and distributed medicine free of cost.


Angel home Foundation has been distributing nutritive food among the malnutrition and malnutritive disease attacked 5,445 children aged 0-5 for the last four years.


UNICEF, showed in one survey of the world food program and nutrition institute produced by, the children of Rajshahi and Barisal are affected with severe malnutrition. Among them, 31 percent of Rajshahi division and 26 percent of Barisal division are attacked with malnutrition.



To the survey of population and health of Bangladesh, 41 percent children aged under five year, their weight is low to their age. The height of 43 percent children is low to their ages, which is worse than the condition of children nutrition of the Africa continent. To the survey, the weight less than age in Ethiopia, Ruyanda and Uganda under five year. The rates of Bangladesh children are like 38, 22, and 20.


The Un children fund (UNICEF) says that about 2 lacs 44 thousand children die owing to malnutrition every year. To time calculate, about 10 children die at every hour. As a conscious citizen, we have to come forward to help the malnutrition affected children, the future generation of our country. we who are solvent to aid our helping hands, these children can get new life then.

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