Who We Are

Angel Home Foundation, the Govt. authorized is a non govt. Welfare organization. This organization has been running program on free medical treatment to children who are  affected with malnutrition. We are giving free medicine, free nutritive food, necessary medical check up to the malnourished children last five years.

What We Do

Angel home Foundation has been organizing on children health and nutrition program  from February, 2011. The aim of this institution is to find out the malnutrition affected children and to ensure sound health by giving proper treatment and nutritive food and to establish them as ideal future generation of the society. At the same time the guardian less orphan children should to be rehabilitated in the society to establish like ideal citizen.

Our Mission is to protect children in desperate need

Sometimes the poverty and suffering seems malnutrition, but through your generosity and support we have helped thousands of children and families around the world to make a real and lasting difference.
The main view of Angel home Foundation is to protect the children of Bangladesh from malnutrition to eradicate the children from the curse of malnutrition.

Our Mission is given bellow-

  • Establishing child hospital.
  • Establishing nutrition centre in the malnutrition affected areas.
  • Establishing child rehabilitation centre.
  • Establishing child education centre.
  • Establishing vocational educational institution.
  • Providing loan of interest free to bring the solvency of the child’s guardians.

Anyone can make a difference to the life of an economically disadvantaged child. Whether by making a donation, attending a fundraiser or volunteering your time, you can help our campers discover their best.

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